githubBRAT is an open source software with a GPL-3 license type. Its source code is publicly available on-line in a dedicated GitHub repository. Contributions from the altimetry community to the code are encouraged and everyone can propose new code to be committed to the master branch via the pull requests feature from GitHub. If you have tailored the code, or added new functionality to the tool for your work, chances are that there are others that would find it useful as well. We therefore urge you to share your work with the whole community and use the GitHub features for collaborative coding. You can also check out useful discussions with other users of the tool in our portal Forum.

In order to access the code it is required to create an account on GitHub, for which only a valid email is required. The account is completely free and does not require any additional information. The BRAT repository is public and all code can be seen by any GitHub user, however if you wish to contribute to the code, after creating the account, you will need to request to be a member of the BRAT project, which will then allow you to create branches, perform commits and raise pull requests. Each pull request shall be reviewed and discussed with the author by a panel of specialists. This panel of specialists controls the final decision on the merging of the changes to the master branch for incorporation into the next release of the software.

In addition any bugs found in the code can be raised on BRAT’s GitHub integrated issue tracking system by anyone with a GitHub account, where the developers will provide feedback to the issues raised. Issues and suggestions for improvements of the tool can also be raised via our Helpdesk.

You can find information about the installation and compilation steps here.