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    Shamsa Kanwal

    Hellow everyone,

    I am a research student at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and new to the BRAT. I have recently installed BRAT software on my linux machine. It was successfully installed. When I double click the icon created on the desktop, the GUI does not open. After attempting to open, it closes without giving any error. I’d really appreciate your help in this regard.

    Thank you,


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    fernando martinho

    Hi Shamsa,

    Unfortunately, there are no BRAT precompiled binaries for Ubuntu. The only binary Linux distributions supported are Debian 8, 32 and 64 bit.

    For all other distributions, the standard solution is to build them using the distributed BRAT source package. This is, however, an hard and time consuming task. For those users that nevertheless want to try it, the document SampleBuild.pdf, in the doc folder of the source package, provides detailed instructions for building in Debian 8, and with the necessary adjustments it may provide some hints for building in other systems.

    The best I can do is describe here the solution I personally found, and quickly tested in a Kubuntu 16.04.2 machine, 64 bit, with all system updates installed. But please note that this is a hack, was very poorly tested, and we cannot provide support to it if something does not work as expected. I used the command

    ldd ./brat

    in the terminal, opened in the /bin sub-directory of BRAT installation folder. I took note of all libraries marked as “not found” and copied them from a Debian 8 machine, 64 bit to that same directory (the /bin sub-directory of BRAT, the same location where the brat binary is placed). This was necessary because Kubuntu, at least in the distribution I used, by default does not provide the same versions (and sometimes provides no version) of some libraries required by BRAT 4.2.0. If this works, you can then copy the /Demo sub-directory of BRAT installation folder to your ~/Documents/BRAT/workspaces and open it in BRAT (that is, open the Demo workspace) to start playing around and become more familiar with the application(s).

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    Thank you so much for detailed explanation for my scenario. I am moved to window 10 system and BRAT GUI is successfully installed. However, I am unable to start the RADS service for BRAT release 4.2. I checked the status of Rads-service installation in the services table. It is installed. However, it says”Error 1069: The service could not start due to logon error”. I did not change the user name but the password is not working. Is it the password for BRAT account or RADS account?

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    Hi Shamsa,

    The password should be the one you use to log on the OS.
    When installing and using RADS through BRAT the user should have admin permissions.

    In chapter 3.6 of the user manual ( http://www.altimetry.info/filestorage/brat_user_manual.pdf ) you will find all the information. An example of how to use RADS is found at the beginning of this video tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TXAU6CFaaM

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