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    i’m new in this forum, first imust thank’s all people that helps us to learn in the field of alimetry especially those who have contributed to creating BRAT.

    I start to learn altimetry from this forum, and i want to calculate the Significant Wave height from Jason-2 data.
    How i can do that with BRAT.

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    Hi Abdelhak,

    You can use directly the SWH in the Jason-2 products.

    If you follow the presentations that we have on the training section you can find an example.

    4th ESA Advanced Training on Ocean Remote Sensing
    Slide 51: Significant Wave Height (SWH)

    2nd ESA Advanced Training on Ocean Remote Sensing
    Lesson 8: View a Hurricane


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    I want to plot Significant Wave Height(SWH) and wind speed in different parts of oceans using Sentinel-3 data.

    Could anybody give me a clue on how to can plot these parameters by matlab or SNAP?

    Best Regards,

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    Hi Abdelhak,

    You can find the SWH in the quick operations tab. You can get what you want if you follow the example of the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8guOICQ1t4I

    but using S3 L2 data and checking SWH in the Quick Operations Menu.

    For plotting the wind speed you can follow the advanced operations and drag the wind speed parameter in the S3 L2 dataset into “data” and the latitude and longitude into “lat” “lon”.

    Kind Regards

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    ben naceur

    je veux établir des cartes représentant la swh (jason2) par saison et pour une durée bien déterminer, dans une zone marine bien définit, alors normalement j’ai réussi à faire toute les taches, je veux juste avoir une confirmation ( si ce que j’ai fais est bien correcte ou pas!!) donc je me demande si il y a quelqu’un sur ce forum à qui je peux lui montrer mes cartes !!
    merci beaucoup

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    Hi Ben,

    Do you suspect that something is wrong with the results shown in your SWH charts?

    You can send your charts to altimetry.info@esa.int, plus the input data and formulas used to generate them.

    Kind regards

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    ben naceur

    Rebonjour aambrozio,
    je m’attendais pas à avoir une réponse aussi rapidement, merci beaucoup…

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    Khushi Tayal

    Your answer is very useful thanks for sharing this.

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    Abijith D

    how to analyzes time series SWH for a particular region using Sentinel 3 and export the result as a tiff.

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