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    Shoaib Jamro

    On opening sentinel 3 data from GPOD, the following error comes up:

    “[WARN] 2018-04-10T12:30:45 Problems reading satellite tracks from Datasets_1:

    Error reading D:/IWRM-USPCASW/Thesis/Data/GPOD/results1/L2_WDIR/L2__RESDIR/RES_S3A_SR_1_SRA_A__20170107T052901_20170107T061930_20170628T005534_3029_013_048______SAR_GPOD_002.nc.

    Return code: -2”

    The product is in NetCDF format but still it does not open.

    What should I do?

    Thank you
    Shoaib Jamro

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    fernando martinho

    Hi Shoaib,

    Problems reading satellite tracks are usually caused by missing information about the parameters longitude, latitude or time, and this information is primarily retrieved by BRAT through a mechanism that uses “aliases”, basically a dictionary of keys that reference the different variables names of those parameters in different satellite products.

    So, it is possible that your particular kind of product is not listed in the “dictionary”. And/or the way that the information is stored is different from expected. For instance, if those parameters are stored in variables with multiple dimensions.

    Please note, however, that in most cases BRAT can still fully execute operations with files whose tracks it cannot read, because with operations the variables (fields) to read are well defined, so it does not have to “guess” the information to read.

    If the file you cannot open is not too big (not much above, say, 10 MB), would it be possible for you to send it to us? That way we can be more precise about the cause of the error, and eventually, if in fact the product is of a type not considered yet in the aliases mechanism, we could add it in future releases.

    You can use this email address to send the file: fernando.martinho@elecnor.es
    Also, please add brat.helpdesk@esa.int to the receivers of your email.

    Thank you,
    Fernando Martinho
    BRAT Team

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