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    Sai Kiran Kuntla

    I am trying to plot the waveform of an inland water body whose spatial extent is between 21-22 Latitude and 73-74 Longitude. To achieve the same, I first filtered the region of interest from its complete track by giving the corresponding coordinates and plotting it. However, since the spatial extent of my interested water body is minimal and the range of both the axis of 3D graphs is vast(x-axis:80 to -80, y-axis:150 to -150) in the plot, the waveform is hardly visible for the area covered between 21 to 22 latitude and 73 to 74 longitude. In this regard, I am interested in knowing how to change the range of both the axis in a 3D graph from its earlier default values. Similarly, for a 2D graph, though I can see an option to change the scale, I could not change the range of the axis.
    Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.

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