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    Firstly, I want to appreciate everybody for sharing their ideas on this forum to help people get aroun their task. I hope to get answers to my problem also.

    So, I have the monthly gridded SLA altimetry data and I have been able to perform operation to plot the sla data against the latitude. However, I am interested in getting the value of sla at some particularly points (that coincides with the tide gauge locations). For to know the sla at the point latitude = 6.431 and lon =99.764 from a particular plot of the monthly sla.

    Please, how do I go about this?

    looking forward to prompt response.


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    Dear Survix,

    You can extrapolate the values at your points of interest.

    As an example, using the coordinates you provided , and using the product ESACCI-SEALEVEL-L4-MSLA-MERGED-20151215000000-fv02.nc from the SL_cci dataset V2.0_20161205:

    1. Create a dataset and load your product

    2. Optionally, create a spatial filter around your area of interest, to limit the amount of data being processed

    3. Select the variable of interest. In this example it’s SLA. And finally, this is the important step, in sampling select LOESS_EXTRAPOLATE, the limits of the area you want to resample, number of steps, and cut-off values (check BRAT’s manual, section ‘ Sampling’, page 55, for more information)

    4. Execute your operation and see the results

    5. You can just see the extrapolated values or you can export the results to NetCDF, ASCII, …

    I hope this helped.

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    That’s great, that’s what I’m looking for

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