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    Sai Kiran Kuntla

    Resolution of each pixel
    When a map is plotted in the BRAT software, the default resolution of track on land is very large approx 35 km as shown in the above figure. Is it possible to change the resolution of these pixels?

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    Maisam Raza

    Hi, I also face the same issue as raised by Sai Kiran Kuntla, can we visualize the results using smaller resolution

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    It is possible to change the latitude and longitude resolution by altering the Step values in the Sampling, under Operations.

    By default, both parameters are set to 1/3, which explains the value of 35 Km that Sai Kiran Kuntla was having, at least close to the Equator.

    More information about Sampling is available in section of BRAT’s manual.

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