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    Adonis Gallentes

    Hi everyone,

    I apologize for this seemingly basic question, but I am having a difficulty trying to visualize merged satellite data (from Copernicus) in BRAT. I tried setting up the Advanced Options in the Operations tab (see image in link in https://ibb.co/fywEvc ) but after executing, I encounter this error ( https://ibb.co/dDma1H)

    Can someone please enlighten me on what should be done? Thank you!



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    Dear Adonis,

    We would need a little bit more information about the merged dataset you are using. The advanced operation seems fine. The error can come also from the filter. You can try the same operation without applying it to ensure that the filter is ok.

    You can send us the dataset and we will check it. brat.helpdesk ( at ) esa.int.



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