HY-2 satellite is equipped with radar altimeter, microwave scatterometer, scanning microwave radiometer and calibration microwave radiometer as well as DORIS, dual-band GPS and laser range reflector. The radar altimeter is used for measuring the sea surface height, significant wave height and wind speed etc; the microwave scatterometer is mainly used for observing the global sea surface wind field; the scanning microwave radiometer is mainly used for observing global sea surface temperature, sea surface wind field, water vapor content in the atmosphere, cloud moisture, sea ice and rainfall amount etc; and the calibration microwave radiometer measures atmospheric water vapor necessary for altimeter measurement calibration.

Radar altimeter technical data

Emitted Frequency (GHz) Dual-frequency (Ku, C) – 13.58 and 5.25
Pulse limited footprint ≤ 2 km
Height measuring accuracy ≤ 4 cm
Effective wave height measuring range 0.5-20m
Effective wave height measuring accuracy 0.5m