Jason-3 mission’s objectives are mostly the same than Jason-2, with an emphasis on:

  • Data continuity for climate applications: Jason-3 should enable to reach the 30-year time.
  • Contribute to “Copernicus” program, with its marine service CMEMS distributing operationally ocean data, altimetry in particular for operational applications and assimilation in ocean forecasting models such as Mercator Ocean.
  • To have quality data nearer to the coasts, and over lakes and rivers.

Expected applications are also Topex/Poseidon, Jason-1 and Jason-2’s :

  • Ocean study,
  • Climate study, seasonal forecasting (including El Niño and such phenomena),
  • Wind speed and wave height measurements, in real-time for weather forecast models, and over the long term (climatologies) for studies and model improvements,
  • Better knowledge of the geoid, in combination with geodetic satellites (Grace, Goce),
  • Tide models improvements,


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